Great Tohoku Earthquake 2

When I first started live blogging about the Great Tohoku Earthquake, I never expected I would still be doing it nearly a week... Read more »
| Japan |

Great Tohoku Earthquake 1

The beginning of the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Start here to read events as they unfolded, all listed in reverse chronological... Read more »
| Japan |

Dead Creatures from the Deep

Lurking in the depths of the Nagoya Aquarium is a rather bizarre set of creatures. A display of critters from the deepest oceans,... Read more »
| Bioluminescence |

Love Land – A Quirky Korean Sex Park

Although Japan has its fair share of seedy districts, sex museums and even Penis festivals, oddly enough the first place I ended... Read more »
| Japan |

Page Rank in the Japan Blogosphere

Google Page Rank is one of the measures used to determine a site's importance. It's based not only on the number of incoming... Read more »
| Japan |

Menace of the Deep

The eye sockets were bottomless, absorbing every flickr of remaining light. The soul of an old diver having long since succumbed... Read more »
| Photography |

Shadows on the Ceiling

Alone inside the auditorium of a haikyo Motor Lodge. It was a peaceful place; very still, but with a heaviness to the air. The... Read more »
| Photography |

Classic Nintendo Mahjong Set and Hanafuda Car ...

When visiting my host family up in Akita some time ago, I came across a rather interesting item. It was a Mahjong board (my host... Read more »
| Japan |
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