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What’s your best kept secret about Japan? That was the question aimed at fellow J-bloggers for this month’s Japansoc Blog Matsuri. Quite a tricky topic, especially for those who don’t actually live in Japan, but nevertheless, we had 10 awesome entries letting us in on some lesser known parts of Japan.

There’s quite a selection including sexual Buddhist temples, prison-themed eateries, a mysterious Edo period town and even an obnoxious baba who guards her secrets closely. So what are you waiting for? Welcome to the Spring Matsuri! Lots more weird things about Japan in last year’s summer matsuri too!


Todd’s Wanderings takes us to a little Buddhist temple hidden in plain view and discovers a shocking secret! Want to know what’s under the cloth covering the statue above..? It’s not for kiddies…

Mokudekiru tells us a tale from her days being a student abroad student in Japan. She came across some startling discoveries – apparently perverts come out in the spring, cafes are for prostitution, and pissed always means pee! Who would have thought it??

The aptly named Nihonshock takes us inside a rather curious prison-themed Izakaya in Nagoya. They even have a nightly horror show. I’ll definitely be checking this one out myself!

Tofugu introduces us to sites off the beaten track on the island of Shikoku. Delicious ramen, quirky dialects and dancing in silly clothes while drunk!

Yonasu takes us exploring on the roofs of Ikebukuro. But being lost in the darkness with a couple of friends in a strange neighbourhood can be a really cool experience.

Humor Us whispers about the small Manabe island with a population of just 250 people. You can still be in time for the Golden Week festival where men in loincloths run around carrying a portable shrine!

Spam from Japan gets off at a rural station somewhere in Tokyo to show us the Open Air Edo Museum. You can take a step back in time and see what your grandmother’s washing machine might have looked like.

Aimee Weinstein from Tokyo Writer talks about her best kept secret in Tokyo. Tempura Mikawa in the Roppongi Hills area is reported to serve the best tempura you’ll ever have!

Rene Chong ponders the spread of Sushi and gives us a mini movie review of Sushi Ouji. What do you think the secret is behind the discourse in this film?

Finally, The Blog Side of Life gives us an intriguing tale of a secret temple in Kyoto with a ceiling covered in blood made all the more mysterious by the obnoxious baba who wouldn’t let her enter!


As a bonus, here’s one of my own just in case you missed it: The Japanese Penis festival! I need say no more.

6 comments on “Secret Japan Blog Matsuri
  1. John D says:

    Great articles and really enjoyed reading them all.

  2. Gakuranman says:

    Yep, some great entries this time!

  3. caughtredhanded says:

    Some absolutely fantastic articles in this matsuri, enjoyed reading all of them – great subject Mike!

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