Three Quirky Deep Sea Creatures

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Three fascinating deep sea creatures strutting their stuff; the Firefly Squid (arguably Japan’s most recognisable bioluminescent organism), some dinoflagellates (glow-in-the-dark plankton) and the rainbow-like comb-jelly, which looks more like a circus merry-go-round in the dark than a deep-sea lifeform!

According to the author of Pink Tentacle where I found the videos (which is not a dodgy site, even though it sounds rather risqué!), the video is of a Japanese TV program “Best House 123” and features a Hokkaido University professor, Yoshihiro Omiya, a specialist in studying bioluminescent organisms (Source). I suddenly have a feeling that my next trip in Japan will be heading North, most likely hitch-hiking, to try and meet this guy! Maybe I can steal some of the blue-glowing plankton he reportedly keeps in the fridge!

Funnily enough, it was also Hokkaido where I first came across the Clione – the sea butterfly – that looks like a type of root vegetable undergoing an x-ray. (And that’s the best imagery you are going to get that doesn’t involve any jokes relating to phalluses!) You can even see the ‘heart’! Check out that post here if you’re interested ^^: Clione

Without further ado: Luminesce!

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