Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge Remake

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Around this time last year I was blogging about the new Tales of Monkey Island and the remake of the original Secret of Monkey Island. This year comes a remake of the second in the series – Lechuck’s Revenge. Cue voodoo-doll fuelled hilarity!

Some twenty years since the originals came out, they are being lavishly re-done in lush graphics and with all the amazing voice-overs present in Monkey Island 3. That’s right, Dominic Armato and co return to give life to the Monkey remake!

Just in case me waffling under the influence of my Monkey Island fanboyism wasn’t enough to convince you to buy this game, check out this monkey-spanking new promotional video. And know that if you ever want to buy my friendship, Monkey Island memorabilia is a fine way to start.

*Chimp noises*

And one more for love.

Bwa hah hah hah harrr..!

9 comments on “Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge Remake
  1. Gakuranman says:

    Hey Lessa! Great to see more Monkey Island fans gathering here. Would love to hear your Charles de Goulash impression :p

  2. Monkey Island! <3 my entire family loves MI from the classics to the first Monkey Island SE. I haven't played this one though. My sister and I used to flail our arms like Stan, and she would copy the voices of Minnie Stronie and Charles de Goulash. Hehehe

  3. I look THAT much like your fiancée?

    (or if you were like me, even knowing the correct answer you always had to pick “How appropriate. You fight like a cow” and then giggle uncontrollably)

  4. Gakuranman says:

    You look like a monkey in a negligee!

    (My childhood was tainted by forever wondering what a negligee is… Come to think of it, I'm still not sure…)

  5. Really depends on what you want. If you want an 80s adventure experience, go with classic mode. I grew up with it (and all games) that way, so I love it. If you want updated graphics and voices, go with the new one. The voices are all pretty well done.

    Or y'know, play thru the special edition, then play again thru classic. Then play a 3rd time switching back and forth between the two every 5 minutes. One can never get enough monkey island!

    Look, a 3-headed monkey!

  6. Rukishou says:

    I just got the first Monkey Island SE a week or two ago, having no idea this was not released nor that it would be one/two week(s) later. I have never played the Monkey Island before (just the first few seconds in an iPhone app) but I'm planning too, seems interesting and so many people love it.

    However, since I haven't play the classic – and because the “upgraded” graphics are pretty ugly – I'm still wondering whether to play classic mode or SE mode. :/

  7. Apologies for the delay. Sidetracked working on my newsletter. Anyways…

    I didn't buy the mac version of the remake, but on the iphone you couldn't interact directly (ie by touch) instead being forced to drag a cursor around the screen and use a variation of the scumm interface. Very awkward. I'm not entirely sure what the complaint against the mac version was, but it may have been similar.

    When TellTale releases both, I'll have to pick up that one.

    Another reason to pick up an ipad… I would greatly prefer to play an adventure game on that as opposed to either my mac or my iphone.

  8. Gakuranman says:

    Nice to meet another fan! I haven't actually played the remake of the first one yet as I was waiting for a dual Mac release from TellTaleGames. What was the issue with the control system?

  9. As a huge Monkey Island fan from way back (I remember playing 1&2 on my 386…), I am so very much looking forward to this. Glad to hear they fixed the control issue. That was my only disappointment with the special edition of the 1st game.

    I hadn't realized it was coming so soon. Thanks for the reminder.

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