Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge Remake

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Around this time last year I was blogging about the new Tales of Monkey Island and the remake of the original Secret of Monkey Island. This year comes a remake of the second in the series – Lechuck’s Revenge. Cue voodoo-doll fuelled hilarity!

Some twenty years since the originals came out, they are being lavishly re-done in lush graphics and with all the amazing voice-overs present in Monkey Island 3. That’s right, Dominic Armato and co return to give life to the Monkey remake!

Just in case me waffling under the influence of my Monkey Island fanboyism wasn’t enough to convince you to buy this game, check out this monkey-spanking new promotional video. And know that if you ever want to buy my friendship, Monkey Island memorabilia is a fine way to start.

*Chimp noises*

And one more for love.

Bwa hah hah hah harrr..!

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