Nyoki Nyoki, Mydodolook and Magibon

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Youtube videostars – Nyoki Nyoki, Mydodolook and Magibon. This is the new form of entertainment, apparently. These sort of popular “vloggers” are sweeping in viewers from all over. And how? Through tactical kawaii (cute) façades and mind-bogglingly teasing gimmicks!

Nyoki Nyoki - vlogstarsHow can a pair of girls who merely squeal ‘Nyoki Nyoki’ (‘to grow up big’) and do callisthenics on camera be so captivating? And what about Magibon, famous for simply staring at the camera with those big, anime-esque eyes and eating giant slices of pizza? She gets millions of views to her Youtube channel! And then there’s mydodolook, who enjoys dancing to songs and making light-hearted videos of herself playing with the world. Okay, I’m now convinced that the kawaii culture has been officially gift-wrapped and exported from Japan. It’s gripping the world!! Check out what I mean in their videos below:

Nyoki Nyoki



Or perhaps I’m missing something? Is there method to their madness? Are they actually talented entrepreneurs who are skilfully using Youtube to gain celebrity status? Yes, if Youtube Live is any benchmark to go by. Two out of the three of them got invites this year, along with popular bloggers like Dannychoo, famed for his ‘TokyoTrooper’ dances. Looks like it’s time I came up with my own cute gimmick and unleash it upon the unsuspecting world! How about my life eating biscuits? I seem do be doing a lot of that recently anyway. Each day a different crunch.

Sounds like I’m on to something…

I’ll leave you with Dannychoo, prancing away in Tokyo in his storm trooper outfit ^^. Gotta love the fact that one of Vader’s henchmen is making a living for himself!

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