New Monkey Island and Remake!

The Secret of Monkey Island, that classic adventure game with Guythrush Geekhood Guybrush Threepwood is about to return in... Read more »
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The ‘Gaijin’ Debate

That perennial debate - is it racist to use the word 'gaijin' to refer to foreigners? Here is a summary of the multitude of views... Read more »
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The World of Golden Eggs CM

Ooo! The Golden Eggs are back! Gotta love these insane little adverts. Plusheads and CC Lemon last year and right now on Japanese... Read more »
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Super Mario X Japanese Lesson

I came across this fantastically hilarious Super Mario World parody today. It's an original song by Hyadain which I enjoyed so... Read more »
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Yakushima – Japan Travel Photos

Here's a video-photo slideshow of my trip to Yakushima (屋久島), the green island in southern Japan, famed for its ancient... Read more »
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Gakuranman Fan Art

I'm the proud owner of some wonderful fan art! Dave from The Ramen Blues (also the artist behind my Gakuranman image) has kindly... Read more »
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Japanese Newspaper Headlines

Have you ever wondered how to read the headlines in Japanese newspapers? They're so chock-a-block full of kanji that it seems... Read more »
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Wason Card Puzzle Solution

Alrighty then! Time for the solution to that tricky little logic puzzle, the Wason Card Problem. I was impressed! I have many... Read more »
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