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Shadows on the Ceiling

Alone inside the auditorium of a haikyo Motor Lodge. It was a peaceful place; very still, but with a heaviness to the air. The empty stage was longing for performers. But me, I couldn’t help be drawn to the stepped ceiling above. What lurked within those shadows, having so hurriedly scuttled away from the invading […]
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Classic Nintendo Mahjong Set and Hanafuda Cards

When visiting my host family up in Akita some time ago, I came across a rather interesting item. It was a Mahjong board (my host parents being rather keen players), but not just any – a classic Yakuman Sparkling Diamond set made by Nintendo!
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Japanese Cemetery in Black and White

Sometimes beautiful moments just create themselves. I was composing this shot of a cemetery behind Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto when all of a sudden a man walked out from between the gravestones. The rays of sunlight and harsh shadows cast already made for a neat black and white image, but the a human presence really […]
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Conclusion to the Royal House Haikyo Mystery

It’s been 3 months since my exploration of an unusual haikyo house ignited a whole heap of discussion. Since then, several major haikyoists have figured out the location and documented the site, and the shrewd people over on 2ch have been slowly picking away at the mystery surrounding the family. But with the the location […]
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Urban Exploration in the Paris Catacombs 3

Our journey was drawing to a close, but we still had to pass through a mass grave known as the Crossroads of the Dead. Here, one must crawl atop the crackling, yellowed bones of millions of deceased Parisians to advance. It’s certainly not a place for the squeamish…
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Urban Exploration in the Paris Catacombs 2

Even though we’d been underground in the labyrinth just a few short hours, I was already knackered. We had crawled through leaky chatières and a room full of curious cubic stones just to get here but now, sitting in the dim, flickering light of candles and chatting with my new friends I found myself surprisingly […]
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Urban Exploration in the Paris Catacombs 1

It was only a matter of time before I was consumed by the idea; a forbidden labyrinth consisting of hundreds of kilometres of tunnels stretching into the darkness beneath the vibrant streets of Paris. Passages packed high with human bones that are centuries old and tales of explorers being lost and perishing in an early […]
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Tying Up a Loose End at the Royal House

The book I ordered from the U.K finally arrived. With this, I wanted to consolidate some of the information I’d dug up on the internet and hopefully find some fresh leads of the Japanese family that our rich pearl dealer Mr. J married into. Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the story so far.
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