JLPT1 2008 Results

Finally! They're here! MY JLPT level 1 results! (Actually, they were a week ago, but Love Dolls took the limelight). Three months... Read more »
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Love Doll Rental in Japan

Recently I guest-blogged for Loneleeplanet, discussing the controversial matter of 'Love Dolls', or 'Sex Dolls', and challenging... Read more »
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Why say Moshi Moshi twice?

Moshi-whatnow? "Moshi Moshi" da yo! This is the expression Japanese people use when answering the phone. But why on earth say it... Read more »
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Lucky Japanese Girls

Ever wondered why some girls can stop a guy at 10 paces and others make him run for cover? Do you know how to tell a gold-digger... Read more »
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Refusing people in Japanese

I'm disinclined to acquiesce your request, dear Sir." We all have times when we need to politely refuse requests. But how to... Read more »
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Happy Birthday Darwin!

I can't let today pass without giving one of the greatest Naturalists of our time a proper birthday message! A----- Happy, happy,... Read more »
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Fish and Chips

A bit of a re-post of the earlier January article on the Top 10 British Fish and Chip shops that I wrote for the benefit of my... Read more »
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GTO Jdrama

Great Teacher Onizuka! GTO is *the* best Japanese drama. Yes, it's cheesy, cliché at times and really pushing the boundaries of... Read more »
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